Axel Plastics (Click for more info)

Since 1941, Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc. has served the plastic and rubber industries designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative mould release agents, process aid additives, mould cleaners and sealants. Axel offers an extensive range of products under the trade names MoldWiz®and XTEND®, and continually develops novel products to improve efficiency and respond to new developments in plastic and rubber moulding and processing.

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A&C Catalysts (Click for more info)

A&C Catalysts is an ISO 9001:2008 certified leading manufacturer and supplier of epoxy resins, curing agents, Dicyandiamide (standard as well as Nano), fire retardants and dihydrazides. Our products are distinctive for their exceptional flexibility, toughness and long storage life. For superior adhesion, long pot life, greater reactivity at lower temperatures, and easy dispersion, look no further than A&C Catalysts' toughened epoxies, latent curing agents and accelerators.

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PCI Synthesis (Click for more info)

We have represented PCI which is based in the US since 2008 and have established a good working relationship with their Imidazole range of products.

PCI are one of the leading global manufacturers of Imidazoles (Epoxy Curing Agents).

Imidazoles are used primarily as accelerators in the reaction between epoxy resins and other curing agents. They can be used as the sole curing agent offering:

  • Single package latency from several hours to greater than six months
  • Rapid cure beyond activation temperatures
  • High thermal, High TG and good chemical resistance

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CIUR Industries (Click for more info)

A major force in fibre technology, working in industries across the globe, CIUR Fibre Technology has mastered a manufacturing process which takes waste paper and converts it into cellulose fibre for numerous applications and industries.

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Jelu (Click for more info)

JELU is an independent, mid-sized, family-run business. Our production and storage facilities are located on our eight hectare site in Southern Germany.

JELU is an internationally renowned manufacturer of products made from natural fibres such as cellulose, food fibres, raw fibre concentrates and wood plastic composites. Using innovative techniques, we process renewable resources to obtain functional and versatile natural fibres. Our fibres, being fully organic, improve the characteristics and the production process of modern products in numerous applications.

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GenieChem is a specialty chemical distributor working across many industries.

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